If we use our old windmill, what are the advantages / disadvantages?

1) Many of our customers already have a windmill wheel they would like to use. Our fan motor design is primarily built for Aermotor windmills, however we can convert almost any old windmill wheel into a fan depending on a few factors. 

2) Most of the time we do not need to physically handle your fan. We custom design our motor to fit your fan, and send instructions on what you need to do to convert your windmill wheel. 

3) Keep in mind, the structural integrity of your fan is YOUR responsibility if you provide it. Do a very careful inspection, and we can help advise you on what to look for. 

Look through the questions below to help us help you!

What size windmill ceiling fan should we get?

1) General size recommendations per room size:

A) 25' x 25' or less, a 6' fan is typically recommended. Ceiling height and other factors can affect this recommendation. 

B) 25' x 25' up to a 40' dimension, an 8' fan is typically recommended, however a 10' fan will also work. Keep in mind that a 10' fan produces more air than an 8' fan while turning at a much slower rpm. 

C) Having multiple 6' or 8' fans in place of a 10' fan, etc. is also something to consider. 

Now, answer this question:

Do I want someone to walk in this room / space and say "Wow!! Look at that fan!"...?

Or would you prefer they say "Wow, what a beautiful setup. And look at that fan!"

Answering this question will typically be the final say if you're on the fence. 

We're building a house; what does our builder or electrician need to know ahead of time for installation?

It is beneficial for us to be able to visit with your builder & electrician as soon as possible. Primarily, there are things we need to know, and they need to know:

I. Things we need to know up front:

​1) Your room type- lofted, cathedral, flat, exposed beam, etc. 

2) Your room dimensions.

II. Things your contractor / electrician need to know:

1) Fan weights:

6' Fan = 120 lbs

8' Fan = 210 lbs

10' fan = 300 lbs

2) We preform our brackets to your beam size / structural medium we are connecting to. 

​3) We can drop ship the electrical fan controllers early in order to ensure your wiring will be properly installed ahead of the fan arrival. 

4) The fan runs on DC power. We provide the necessary items for AC to DC conversion. Your fan needs to be on its own circuit / dedicated line.

5) Two fans cannot be operated by one controller; two completely separate drive units are needed. 

** Feel free to have your contractors / electricians call us directly to discuss. 

For all further questions, please give us a call so we can visit with you and determine what the best set-up will be for your space. We look forward to getting to know you!