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I have a windmill, and I'd like to make a fan out of it....

As mentioned above, whether it's been passed down through the generations, or just part of a property you just bought, we can help you own your own windmill ceiling fan. There are a few things we need to know, and more importantly, that YOU need to know, if you'd like to make your windmill wheel into a ceiling fan. 

"We are so beyond grateful to James and the team @windmillceilingfansoftexas for making all of our windmill fan dreams come true!! We were not even sure if we could turn this dream into a reality until we found James!! Through many hours of hard work and grit, he pulled off the most amazing fan I have ever seen on an incredibly tight timeline. James is one of the craftsmen I am so thankful to know through filming #hgtvoneofakind. Thank you so much @windmillceilingfansoftexas !!! And thank you for watching last night, everyone!!! #storiedstyleinteriors"

-Grace Mitchell, Host of HGTV's "One of a Kind"

Connecting Generations.

  • New Aermotor Windmill Wheels
  • Vintage Windmill Wheels 
  • New & Vintage Windmill Vanes
  • Wall Hangers (when available)
  • Ceiling Fan Motor and Box Assembly
  • Custom Couplings for your Windmill
  • Consultation & Advice

​With over 50 years of tradition in the windmill business, we believe strongly in providing a bridge to our generations past. To us, windmill ceiling fans are a timeless icon representing an era of achievement in the face of hardship. Our parents and grandparents defined that era, and in so doing defined what it takes for this country to continue providing the freedoms and opportunities they themselves experienced. Finally, we believe that a handshake IS a contract, quality service means taking pride in what you do, and hard work is good for the soul. 

Keeping it in the Family

We've spoken with so many people that still have their Mom or Dad's, Grandma or Grandpa's old windmill. It may still be up turning and pumping water, or it may have been sitting up there broken for years. Some of you have them stored in your barn. Whatever your situation, here's a way for the entire family to enjoy it for years to come.